Rectangular Double druzy bangle


$ 30.00

Double druzy bangle with electroplated gold edging is truly stunning. The two druzy gemstones with a unique Rectangle shape are different and unique in their own way. These are different but cohesive shade of purple and gray.

Great for stacking or wear them alone.

A druzy is sets of tiny quartz crystals that form over another gemstone due to mineral deposits. The clusters are small and look like a coating of glittering diamond crystals. Druzy can form anywhere, especially river beds. They form naturally in a variety of colors. No two stones are the same! This makes the unique and one of a kind! They catch the rays of the sun and sparkle beautifully!

Our bangles are made from brass and hand dipped in 24k gold. All of our stones are semi-precious and precious.
The bangles can be gently adjusted to fit almost any wrist size. Diameter at the widest part measures 2 ¾”
★Available in different colors. Each stone is uniquely cut, so slight variations can occur.

★Holistic Health★
One of the beautiful quality of geodes, is to bring through a wonderful healing vibration.